"Bridal Cakes: Contemporary Decor"
April 27-28
27-28 april 9:30
Cookery School «Lemon»
6000 UAH/ cours
4 incredible cakes in 2 days
5 Top Flavors
ІPistachio is a spicy cherry
Пе Chocolate-pecan-orange
"Pear - Thyme

Theoretical + practical unit.
Let's go through the wedding market for the pastry shop in detail.
You will no longer have the question: "How to find a client for wedding orders ?, How to work with restaurants during wedding orders ?, What documents are needed? etc.

Introduction theory:
-Products / inventory for handling multi-storey cakes
-Marketing, proportionality, conversion of recipes / forms
-Detailed analysis of designs of multi-storey cakes

Technicians on the course:
-Cooking delicious and persistent creams in cakes (biscuits and some toppings will be ready).
-Creating a reliable coating for cakes
- Collection of multi-storey cakes (classic + different shapes (combination of heights / diameters / shapes) + modern lighting design)
-Working with edible and false floors
-Topic textures: concrete, foil, velvet, bas-relief, marble, shutters.
-3D cake sculpture
-Rice, waffle and gelatin decor (floristry + decor elements)
- Food print
- Sugar coating
-Size patterns

After this course, you will not be afraid of any decor, texture, shape and design of cakes.
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